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La Vida Interior was established in ksa Riyadh to make a revolution in the Design Service concept, we provide you a professional and luxuries designs, we produce functional and Beautiful Designs our designs are made to fulfill your ambition.

About Us

Our Passion

In your home or office we aim to create Beauty Surrounds you, interior Design for us is not just a service we provide, it is life style. we create designs keeps you instyle. Functional or Beautiful ? our designs are to solve this issue, we create very elegant and beautiful designs, but at the same time functional and applicable that's why we design and build. Business and interior design, we have major role in developing business foundations, we aim to make your Business more productive Increasing productivity by using tools like designing effective identity also designing the work area. well designed work place will save your money and will increase employee productivity.

Our Services

Once the vision of our client is thoroughly understood and the theme chosen, our team can provide the following services:

  • Pre-design measurements and the preparation of engineering plans
  • Floor planning, interior design, lighting, power and telephone networks, ceiling, flooring, furnishing
  • Work interfaces, engineering projections, and perspectives and sections
  • Product design (furniture, lighting units, accessories, etc.)
  • Preparation of work schedules and project management
  • assessment and account site work and the engineering examination
  • Working drawings
  • Technical engineering consultancy or full supervision
  • Select furniture, furnishings and accessories, and carry out purchase work
  • Take agencies and foreign partnerships
  • implementation services 
  • Show Rome provides all decore materials 

Our Clients