La vida Academy

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In the context of its community mission and keen to inject new blood into the interior design market of the Kingdom and to meet the continuous and fruitful cooperation between it and the University of Princess Noura, Lavida Decoration offers periodic training sessions for student delegations from Princess Noura University Department of Interior Design and Decoration, explaining to them the importance of professionalism, professionalism and honesty in providing design service. The interior and decoration of the local market as something that will reflect positively on the health of the atmosphere of investment in our country, as the Kingdom has a good reputation in the field of contracting, especially interior design at the regional level.
We at LAVIDA consider human values ​​as the basis for the success of any business. In the same context, the work lists and arrangements were presented to the delegation and explained the mechanisms of the projects and how they were managed, what are the routine difficulties that may face us in any project and how to solve them
The student delegation expressed its great pleasure in running this experience with a company that has a reputation and was carefully selected from the management of a prestigious university such as Princess Noura to be a good example and practical teacher for its students and considers it as a Laveda Academy and considered as a practical complement to academic theory study