A delegation from La Vida visits CZECH

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Collaboration Agreement

A delegation from La Vida Interior visited the Czech Republic last week to Mat furniture company which specializes in authentic luxurious historical/neoclassic furniture. They produce custom-made excellent pieces of furniture every piece is unique and nobody else other than our client will own the same masterpiece. La vida delegation discussed the cooperation with MAT Furniture and how to bring their exceptional products to the Saudi market. Mat furniture team made a round for our delegation to visit the workshop and see the manufacturing process and also for the projects they have done, commercial projects like offices or residential like villas and palaces with a different style, classic and modern. The objective of the collaboration is to facilitate delivering our clients high-quality furniture. At the end of the visit two parties agreed to work together closely to produce elegant exceptional products for La Vida Clients. A long-term collaboration with a trusted and well-experienced furniture supplier is an addition to our design value.