in lavida interior 2018 .... years of creativity come

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It was a year full of achievements, challenged by Lavida for the same decoration and time and circumstances and presented a golden series of designs and works of art that have won international awards and published in magazines and world famous sites.

Lavida's design projects varied and diversified in 2017 between Tejari and the residential and in all regions of the Kingdom, but the spread of the projects of Lavida to some neighboring GCC countries.

Lavida has provided thousands of ideas that have resulted in hundreds of innovative and distinctive designs that break the stagnation of this industry locally and make it up to date with the latest international trends. Lavida's designs have contributed to the success of many commercial projects of various types of hotels, hospitals, pharmacies and offices or in residential designs of villas, palaces and chalets.

LAVIDA's activities have expanded and expanded its knowledge and relations with a network of suppliers and local, regional and international relations. The most important of which is the conclusion of a joint cooperation and coordination agreement between Lavida Decoration and the European Furniture Exporters Union on 05/09/2017, thus covering all the needs of its customers at all levels of their choices.

It was a busy and promising year in front of the ambitious projects and aspirations of Lavida seeking to be the first specialized Saudi decorative company covering the entire Gulf region.